Marc Marquez on TT: “I ride to have fun, not to endanger my life”

Marc Marquez declares he 'doesn't like' the Isle of Man TT because his idea of racing is to have fun, 'not to endanger life'

Marc Marquez has offered a rather blunt assessment of the Isle of Man TT, saying that while he has full respect for those that compete on the legendary road race, he says he ‘doesn’t like it’.

The six-time MotoGP World Champion has carved a reputation as one of, if not ‘the best’ grand prix riders of the modern generation.

However, it is the mystical appeal of the Isle of Man TT that often sees it referred to as the greatest motorsport event in the world. Running for more than a century now, the TT’s long and fast layout leaves no margin for error.

Though modern day GP riders wouldn’t consider entering the TT alongside their commitment – unlike former days when the Giacomo Agostini was as quick around the Manx island as he was at Assen – they do often put in a appearance, not least Valentino Rossi who completed a lap in 2009.

However, don’t expect Marquez to be going out of his way to visit anytime soon, flatly declaring he races to have fun and ‘not to suffer and endanger life’.

"I have a lot of respect for the riders that race there, but I don't like it,” he told

"I like to have fun, to enjoy riding, to look for the limit; to go to the Isle of Man is to gamble away your life, that's how I see it. I ride bikes to have fun, not to suffer and endanger my life.”

Between 1907 and 2019, a total of 151 riders have lost their life while competing on the Isle of Man TT.


He is not wrong. I'm with Marquez on this. I have no idea how the TT is allowed in this day and age. 200mph into houses and lamposts and trees and hedges is ridiculous. Only a matter of time before a family sitting in a stupid place on the outside of a corner is wiped out. And that will be the end.

It's called freedom of choice. Yes it's more dangerous than circuit racing, but there have still been deaths on track in moto gp, bsb etc. So should we ban these too? Also you arent allowed to sit on the outside of a corner these days at the TT, its prohibited.

Don't even try and compare the number of deaths each year at the TT compared with a whole MotoGP season. You will lose spectacularly. To whit, four MotoGP deaths in 20 years. I don't even want to think about how many TT deaths there have been in that time.
The videos I've seen of spectators say otherwise. But we will see in 2021.

Ban it, huh? Along with moto GP, trackdays, riding motorcycles on the road, boxing, football, mountain climbing... everything where people can have fun, challenge themselves and get a thrill. Because there's an element of danger that you've decided is too high. Be careful - side with the mamby-pambies and they'll come for your sport or way of life next.
The TT should be respected for the historic and noble endeavour it is.
It's not for everyone. But it is possible to respect those not like yourself if you try.

React's picture

No one is asking Marquez to take part and no one is asking you to watch. Perhaps we should cancel MotoGP for be so grotesquely expensive and out of touch in a world now where people on mass are losing their jobs? Anyone can pick faults, its not clever though ...

2015 Sepang Dorna , MotoGP Honda ...made sure Rossi was not winning the title ..Marc is a dangerous rider causes crashes etc but does not get punished the sport is a joke he rides the best machine period and Greedy Companies will not allow him to attempt to showcase his skills on another machine signed a 4 year deal which is out of the norm ... all Spain Corner store outfit

This guy is a clown simple he rides a All Spanish machine backed by a All Spanish Company and he is hand wrapped gifted the best machine on the Planet , signed for 4 years there is zero danger compared to the Roads ...
Repsol - Spain .. Dorna - Spain...Teammate Younger sibling Spain ...Honda has a Strangle hold on the so call Premier class ..

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