Marc Marquez suffered 26G impact in crash… then won 2019 MotoGP title

Marc Marquez literally bounces back from a 26G impact during the Thailand MotoGP to end the weekend as 2019 MotoGP World Champion

Marc Marquez Thai MotoGP crash [credit: @marcmarquez93 Twitter]

Data released by Alpinestars has revealed Marc Marquez’s suffered a 26G impact in his high-speed crash during first free practice at the Thailand MotoGP, just two days before he claimed race victory and the 2019 title.

The Spaniard was flicked into a violent high-side at Turn 7 as he was winding up for a fast lap during FP1, Marquez landing heavily and requiring a trip to both the medical centre and local hospital for an MRI before being allowed to compete in FP2.

He’d go on to qualify third a day later before snatching victory on the final corner in Sunday’s race after prevailing in a titanic race-long tussle with Fabio Quartararo. Victory was enough to seal a sixth career MotoGP World Championship.

As these images and CCTV footage shows, the crash was a wild one and it is little wonder Marquez needed a few moments to gather himself. The Spaniard later said he ‘couldn’t breathe for five seconds’ in the immediate aftermath.

Airbag suit does its job in Marc Marquez crash

Indeed, though Marquez largely shrugged off the crash both in media appearances and just by his sheer performance on track when he returned to the Repsol Honda, data released by Alpinestars – which supplies him with the airbag-equipped Tech-Air race suit – shows just how lucky the Spaniard was.

The airbag in the suit is deployed when it detects abnormal readings from its sensors, with the gyro situated on the chest the first indicate something was amiss – around when the bike’s rear end snapped wide. When Marquez began twisting, the airbag deployed 0.585s in readiness for when he hit the ground hard. 

The impact registered was a 26.14G impact, with the crash lasting 4.8secs.

Earlier this year, Alpinestars released similar data in the wake of Andrea Dovizioso’s British MotoGP crash, which showed a 35G reading and required him to be taken to hospital after brief memory loss.

If you want to see what the airbag deployment looks like without the acrobats, here is Dovzioso demonstrating last year sans motorbike. 

Serious subject matter notwithstanding, this is VERY funny...