Marc Marquez speaks out about his chances in MotoGP 2021

Marc Marquez has given his thoughts on the 2021 MotoGP season and his chances of regaining the level he had prior to his crash

Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso - Honda, Ducati

MARC Marquez has had a pretty torrid 2020 and 2021. The six-time MotoGP has now been laid-up and away from the sport for longer than at any other time in his career. And he’s not out of the woods yet.

Repsol Honda MotoGP Team Launch 2021

Question marks still remain over the Spaniard's recovery, and more importantly for him and his many fans, when he will return to action.

At the recent Respol Honda MotoGP launch, Marquez got the chance to give his side of the story, with some of the most enlightening comments coming from questions relating to his performance when (and maybe if) he does return in 2021.

Interestingly for a rider that has grabbed every overtake, every lap, and every race by the scruff of the neck, Marquez seems less focused on regaining his powers straight away. It’s either that or he’s hiding his true feelings exceptionally well.

When quizzed about the matter, he said.

“The thing is that's a difficult question because it's the first time in my life, in my career, that there has been six, seven, eight, nine, ten months without a bike, with a big injury.

“Of course, the first time that I ride the bike I will not be truly 100% because you know, one thing is to be 100% on the bone side, then being 100% on the muscles and all these things. We will see, I can imagine the best comeback that is to start riding the bike again and be the same, but it will be difficult to be like this. But we will see if it takes one race, two races, half the season to be the same Marc.”

The acknowledgment that he will be unlikely to return to MotoGP and be instantly on the pace is a stark contrast to the rider we knew last year. Part of the Marquez problem in 2020 was him rushing back from to MotoGP just five days after shattering his arm at Jerez last season. The pain that emanated from his freshly-plated humerus forced the Spaniard to retire, although many, including former MotoGP surgeon Claudio Costa, think the damage was already done from the early return.

The actual race that Marc Marquez will return to action in 2021 is still unknown to anyone, probably even the rider himself. One thing though is for sure, he’s not going to be likely to rush the process and risk any more time out the saddle than he has to.

The Spaniard also divulged that it is some of MotoGP’s more mundane activities that he is beginning to miss now.

"Of course, I missed the entire team a lot, this is what I miss. But obviously, I miss racing, I miss the adrenaline, but I miss everything a bit.

"Normally I hate events and all these things but also, I missed them. In the first part of the injury, you miss being on the track, to be racing and competing and having that adrenaline.

"Then you start to miss your team a lot, then you start to miss the atmosphere from the circuits and then you miss even the events, the interviews, the journalists but now step by step, it’s what I said, I feel that this feeling will come back soon.”

Marquez has already been ruled out of taking part in the Qatar test in early March although he is having a medical update after that round and is aiming for Qatar 1, Qatar 2 or Portimao.

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