Lorenzo to run the number 1

Jorge Lorenzo to display his Champion status

2010 CHAMPION Jorge Lorenzo has chosen to sport the number one plate on the Yamaha M1.

“Today I can reveal my No 1, I am very proud because you have to work very hard to have the option to wear it.” said Lorenzo, in what will be the first time that the number 1 has featured on a Yamaha since the era of Wayne Rainey ended in 1993.

In creation of what will be a new logo for Lorenzo, who took last years championship with a record-breaking 383 points, the number one cleverly incorporates the Spaniards initials, he continued: “I have been lucky with my design because the No 1 works really well with my JL initials, maybe with different letters it would have been difficult to make it look right, I hope my fans will like it!”

Numbers play an important role in MotoGP marketing - look at the examples of Valentino Rossi and Barry Sheene as evidence – and Lorenzo will continue his association with 99: “I won't forget my No 99 this season, it will be there somewhere on my leathers because No 99 is in my heart. It was a difficult choice to change my number but I have earned the right for this unique opportunity to wear it."