Lombok in contention for Indonesian MotoGP

'Dorna was visiting a possible location for hosting future Motorbike Race Events'
Lombok in contention for Indonesian MotoGP

After several false starts, might MotoGP have finally found a destination for its long-awaited return to Indonesia?

The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) confirmed that Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Sporting Director Carlos Ezpeleta visited Bali between the Australian and Malaysian MotoGPs.

During their stay, the pair accompanied ITDC CEO and President Abdulbar M. Mansoer to the nearby Island of Lombok to inspect the Mandalika area, where a tourism project is currently under development by the ITDC:

'Specifically, for this trip, Dorna was visiting a possible location for hosting future Motorbike Race Events within the 1,175-ha integrated tourism estate'.

“Mr Carmelo Ezpeleta was primarily at the Nusa Dua for a well-deserved break at the Bali National Golf Club before heading out to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang," read a statement from Mansoer.

"It was not his first time to the Island as he visited the Nusa Dua around two years prior beforehand.

"For this visit, during his busy schedule and on route between the two races, he wanted to visit Bali as well as Lombok, where we welcomed him to the Mandalika and presented a potential concept to host future Motorbike Race Events.

"His visit was brief, but we believe that he sincerely enjoyed his break and of course we would be very happy to welcome him back to Bali and Lombok in the near future.”

The Lombok plans follow MotoGP's extensive search for an Indonesian venue.

Sentul would require massive renovation, while a brand-new permanent facility (as proposed at Palembang, Sumatra) is thought to be too expensive to maintain.