Huge Moto2 crash has us holding our collective breath...

Hafizh Syharin appears to have escaped serious injury after being involved in a huge and violent accident during the Moto2 race at the Red Bull Ring

Hafizh Syharin

Ex-MotoGP rider Hafizh Syharin is being tended to by medical staff after being involved in an enormous accident when he struck a rival’s stricken bike at Turn 1 and was flung from his machine.

Occurring at the start of lap 4th, Moto2 championship leader Enea Bastianini prompted a chain reaction of events when he lost balance on the exit of the tricky turn one right hander and high-sided from his Italtrans.

While Bastianini was lucky himself not to be caught up himself as he got himself back up, the same couldn’t be said from his bike which was spinning just as the vast majority of the riders were coming through.

Still bunched together early in the race, riders ducked left and right in avoidance of the bike but Syharin – who was third in a train – had no time to react as the riders ahead of parted leaving him with nowhere to go.

Hitting it square on, Syharin is launched forward from his Aspar SpeedUp by some distance. Edgar Pons and Andi Farid Izdihar were also caught up, coming off in avoidance of debris, but were able to walk away

Tended to on track, Dorna quickly confirmed all riders are conscious and though it took time for Syharin to be transferred to the hospital, replays of the incident were shown a number of times – a reliable sign that Dorna is aware injuries are not life-threatening.

Remarkably, early reports are that - remarkably - Syharin has escaped serious injury with no broken bones.

Indeed, though Syharin certainly suffered a heavy impact, he largely stayed clear of the debris – a lot of which was generated - that could have caused more damage

Though lucky to escape injury, retirement is a disaster for Bastianini, who led by 15 points coming into the Red Bull Ring race.