How ‘match point’ Marc Marquez can win 2019 MotoGP title in Thailand

Marc Marquez can win the 2019 MotoGP World Championship title so long as he out-scores Andrea Dovizioso by at least two points in the Thailand MotoGP

Marc Marquez - Repsol Honda MotoGP

Even by the ultra-high standard of Marc Marquez, his route towards his (probable) 2019 MotoGP World Championship title win has been particularly formidable.

With five rounds of the 2019 season remaining, he arrives at this weekend’s Thailand MotoGP in the city of Buriram with one hand firmly clasped on the trophy and with his first chance to grab it with both.

Currently armed with a 98-point advantage over Andrea Dovizioso – the only rider with a very slim mathematical chance to overhaul him – Marquez is locked and loaded to finish the job at the Chang International Circuit 

With only a possible 125 points remaining, Marquez simply needs to ensure he puts 100 points between himself and Dovizioso by the chequered flag on Sunday.

Or, put simply, out-score him by two points – something he has done in 11 of this year’s 14 races.

That’s not to say it’s a foregone conclusion. With its fast straight and Qatar-like sweeping curves, arguably the Ducati has a stronger package than Honda… but that hasn’t prevented Marquez from upsetting the odds before, while he returns to Buriram having taken the inaugural Thailand MotoGP in 2018.

How can Marc Marquez win the 2019 MotoGP title in Thailand?

Marc Marquez can win 2019 MotoGP title if…
He wins Thailand MotoGP 
Marquez finishes 2ndDovizioso finishes 3rd or lower
Marquez finishes 3rdDovizioso finishes 4th or lower
Marquez finishes 4thDovizioso finishes 5th or lower
Marquez finishes 5thDovizioso finishes 7th or lower
Marquez finishes 6thDovizioso finishes 8th or lower
Marquez finishes 7thDovizioso finishes 9th or lower
Marquez finishes 8thDovizioso finishes 10th or lower
Marquez finishes 9thDovizioso finishes 11th or lower
Marquez finishes 10thDovizioso finishes 12th or lower
Marquez finishes 11thDovizioso finishes 13th or lower
Marquez finishes 12thDovizioso finishes 14th or lower
Marquez finishes 13thDovizioso finishes 15th or doesn't score
Marquez finishes 14thDovizioso doesn't score