Go behind the scenes of Marc Marquez’ final Honda MotoGP race

A new video has been published by Honda, looking at Marc Marquez’s final MotoGP race with the brand at the Valencia Grand Prix

Marc Marquez, HRC event, 2023 MotoGP Valencia Grand Prix. - YouTube/Honda Racing Corporation.

The story of Marc Marquez leaving Honda is not a new one to MotoGP, but that does not mean all of the interest has been lost, as HRC has proven with a new video from the Valencia Grand Prix weekend.

This was Marquez’ last race weekend in the colours of HRC and, most importantly to him, with the team that has become like a second family to him during his time in MotoGP.

Marquez’ emotions are seldom on show, because the #93 knows, and has known for most of his racing career, that to show emotions is to show a weakness, and a weakness is something that can be turned into a weapon by your rivals. When Marquez revealed after the Valencia test in which he rode a Ducati MotoGP bike for the first time that he had been suffering from arm pump for the last part of the 2023 season, he did so after the problem had already been fixed. Nobody knew that Marquez had the issue before he posted a photo on social media following corrective surgery, by which time Marquez’ rivals had run out of time to take advantage of this weakness because it had already been fixed.

The Valencia weekend was one of the only times in Marquez’s career that we have seen him in an emotional state. His podium in the Sprint there was his last for Honda, and he probably knew it would be at the time. He struggled to hold in his feelings on the Sprint podium, and pretty much failed to keep them back on Saturday night after the Sprint during an HRC event, and this is something that is shown in absolute clarity in Honda’s new video, which you can watch above and of which a second part is on the way.

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Lead image credit: YouTube/Honda Racing HRC.