Gardner: Two-strokes will be back

New low-cost, emission-friendly technology could signal new era for screamers, says 500cc champ

TWO STROKES WILL make a return to Grand Prix racing - that's the view of former 500cc World Champion Wayne Gardner in his latest ramble on the rider's official website.

The Australian, best known lately for his forthright views on the world of Grand Prix racing, believes new low-emission two-stroke technology, coupled with the fact that 'smokers' are easier to run and maintain than four-stroke motors, could signal the return of screamers to GP racing.

Gardner is so convinced strokers will make a comeback he says he's prepared to "put money on it". Quite something for an Aussie.

"The signs are already there," says Gardner. "In motocross, KTM and Husqvarna are just two of the companies reverting to two-strokes because they can't afford the cost and the weight associated with four-stroke technology."

The 1987 champion believes Dorna (the governing body of MotoGP) may have no other option than revert to two-strokes if they're serious about cost cutting with a view to running a sustainable race series.