Ferrari's F1 tribute to Simoncelli

Team honour the memory of SuperSic

AS the Formula One circus makes its first visit to Sepang since Marco Simoncelli's death last year Ferrari's drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have paid tribute to the Italian star.

The two drivers, accompanied by other team members, made the trek to turn 11, where Simoncelli's fatal accident happened, and posed for pictures holding a pit board reading “Sic sempre con noi” (Sic always with us).

 “From now on, coming here will never be the same again as it will always make one think of Marco,” said Alonso, “I think the Ferrari family and all Italians who love sport and motorcycling will remember him always. His death was something one could never have expected. We will remember him always and he will always be a hero to us.”

Massa added: “We wanted to go to Turn 11 to pay a tribute to Marco’s memory. I think it was the least we could do for him, for his family and for all his fans. I think that all weekend long, we will drive here with thoughts of Marco.”