F.C.C. remains Moto2 clutch supplier ahead of Triumph era

F.C.C. retains its sole supplier clutch contract in Moto2 for the next three seasons in preparation for the Triumph engine era
F.C.C. remains Moto2 clutch supplier ahead of Triumph era

F.C.C. has retained its sole supplier clutch contract on the Moto2 world championship for the next three seasons in preparation for the start of the Triumph engine era.

The Japanese clutch manufacturer joined the intermediate class in 2013, three years into the class revamp switching from 250cc machines to running 600cc Honda engines, and will remain involved in Moto2 between 2019-2021 after securing a contract renewal.



It means the F.C.C. clutch will be an integral part of Moto2’s shake-up next season with the arrival of Triumph’s 765cc triple engines which MotoGP technical director Danny Aldridge sees as “the perfect supplier” for the new era in Moto2.

“I’m delighted to see a company such as F.C.C. remain a partner of Moto2,”Aldridge said. “With such a long history of involvement in motorsport and a reputation for excellence, they are the perfect supplier for the intermediate class of Grand Prix racing and we’re delighted to see them stay on board to play such an important role in this new era of Moto2.”

“This is a very honourable moment for the F.C.C.,” Toshimichi Matsuda, President of F.C.C. “The riders and staff who always do the best in race give us happiness and touch our heart. Utilizing the experience of clutch offering and technical support continuing from 2013, we will continue to contribute to the development of motorsports, with Moto2 riders, staff and all motorsports fans.”