"The damage is immeasurable" - Max Biaggi fires two after Aragon Moto3 incident

The two Moto3 mechanics caught trying to deliberately obstruct the bike of a rival rider in Motorland Aragon have now left Max Racing Husqvarna team

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Two Moto3 team mechanics who had been suspended after attempting to obstruct a rival rider during live session have had their contracts terminated, the Sterilgarda Max Racing has confirmed.

The crew members were seen trying to prevent Red Bull Tech 3 KTM rider Adrian Fernandez from pulling out of his pit box during Moto3 qualifying at Motorland Aragon, with one even pulling the bike’s brake lever.

The incident, which was caught on the MotoGP TV world feed and quickly gone viral on the internet, sees Fernandez forced to stop before Tech 3 mechanics intervene. The Spaniard - brother of MotoGP rider Raul - then stops again to remonstrate with the crew as they are bundled back towards their garage.

It is understood the mechanics were attempting to prevent Fernandez from following Husqvarna Max Racing rider Ayumi Sasaki out of the pit lane in order to get a tow from him on their flying qualifying laps.

MotoGP stewards were swift to condemn the action and have handed down a two race ban for the Australian and Malaysian Moto3/MotoGP rounds, plus a €2000 fine.

“Two members of the team were found to be interfering and making contact with the bike and rider of another team in an aggressive and dangerous manner as that rider was leaving the pit box in Moto3 Q2.

“Both team members have been fined €2000, and they have each been disqualified from taking part in the Animoca Brands Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix AND the Petronas Grand Prix of Malaysia.

“It would not be possible to replace the team members in question for the next two races due to immigration and travel restrictions for upcoming rounds, which could potentially cause a safety concern for their rider. 

“This two-race ban has therefore been deferred to apply to the Australian and Malaysian Grands Prix.”

Max Biaggi Moto3 boss speaks out - "The damage to our name is immeasurable"

While stewards were satisfied with a two-race ban, the team members in question received a much stronger rebuke from Max Racing itself, who confirmed over the Thailand MotoGP weekend that it had terminated the contract of the crew in question.

In a strongly worded statement condemning the actions of the two in question, Max Biaggi says the damage done to the reputation of the team has been 'immeasurable'.

"Following the unjustifiable episode, that saw as protagonists two members of the Sterilgarda Husqvarna Max Racing, during the qualifying of the Aragon Grand Prix, we announce that we have concluded prematurely the collaboration between the individuals involved and our Team.

"The two individuals in question, during qualifying 2 of the Grand Prix Animoca Brands De Aragòn, hindered the exit from the pits of the driver Adriàn Fernàndez, in an aggressive and dangerous way.

"From the very beginning we made an apology to Adriàn Fernàndez and Team Tech3 KTM, but we also made it clear that we would punish unconditionally those responsible for such a gesture. All this was immediately reaffirmed by our Team Owner, Max Biaggi.

"In these years of the World Championship, the Max Racing Team achieved great results on track thanks to the support of Husqvarna Motorcycles, of Sterilgarda Alimenti, of all the other sponsors, and every member of the Team, first of all our Team Owner, the six times World Champion Max Biaggi.

"The passion, dedication and sacrifice, that each of the subjects just mentioned has fielded in recent years., have forced us to carry out a drastic action, to protect the name of each of the interested parties, the ethics of sport and the one of the Max Racing Team.

"We leave you to the words of our Team Owner Max Biaggi..."

Max Biaggi – Team Owner: “I personally followed and coordinated the procedure of formal noticing to the two members of my Team, responsible for the events against the rider Adriàn Fernàndez and the Team Tech3 KTM.

"After officially asking the interested parties for clarifications and justifications for what happened, in compliance with the contractual prescriptions, we arrived at the unpleasant, but necessary epilogue.

"As a Team, we believe we must completely separate our road by those guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour, as well as being against rules and regulations. Such an action cannot and must not remain unpunished, nor unnoticed.

"The damage to our name is immeasurable.”’