Crutchlow: This was best track I’d ridden. And now…

Cal Crutchlow believes the serious bumps at the Circuit of the Americas have taken away from its “fantastic” layout; says he has moved on from Argentinean jump start controversy.
Crutchlow: This was best track I’d ridden. And now…

Cal Crutchlow claims to have put the jump-start controversy of Argentina behind him, and has turned his sights to the Circuit of the Americas, a track he feels “could be one of the worst” of the year due to the state of its surface.

The 33-year old had the chance to view the track before commencing with his media duties on Thursday, and admitted to concerns regarding certain points of the 3.4-mile layout, especially at turn two and the 0.7-mile back straight.

“When I first came here in 2013 it was fantastic, honestly,” began Crutchlow. “I said it was the best track I had ever ridden. And now, it could be one of the worst for all of the riders because it is so difficult to manage the situation every lap on the bumps.



“Turn two looks horrendous. They resurfaced Turn10: randomly done one corner of the track. The back straight still looks very bumpy. We don't know until we ride it. We’re optimistic we’ll have a good weekend and it is a technical track and good to ride. When things are going well it is fun to ride.”

On the circuit’s unique serpentine first sector, Crutchlow said, “I’m already not looking forward to that section. It has never been good to me, only the year I rode the Yamaha – I was very fast there.

“On the Honda I have never gone well through there for some reason whereas Marc is so fast through there. Where I am going to have to be careful of the ankle and I worry more is through the three right handers here because of how much I need to use the brake at lean angle. I need to be able to get off it…I won't be able to!”

Has the right ankle improved in recent weeks? “I don't really check it,” he said. “Sometimes it feels better and sometimes it feels worse. After the race in Argentina my ankle was so hot. It was a hot day but I think the metal inside the ankle was on fire. I was riding around alone, trying to get some points. And then I had to walk afterwards, didn't I? I had a 200m walk.”

Regarding his preparation for the third round of the season, Crutchlow spent the week between Argentina and Texas in California to engage in a rigorous training regime.

“I feel good,” he said. “I went to California after Argentina and did 1100km during the week on my bicycle. I feel as good as I can be to have a strong weekend at the Circuit of the Americas.

“As I said to the other lady I did not lose any sleep over Argentina. Of course I am not happy but this is another circuit and another race and we just have to get on with the job.”

Will he bring up the penalty for jump-starts in Friday’s Safety Commission meeting? “I don't plan to attend to be honest. Not as a backlash but I have a lot of media to do tomorrow. Plus I don't really care now. I have already had my jump-start and I don't plan to get another one.”