What does Guy Coulon do in his spare time?

The Tech 3 Yamaha crew chief and his 300cc, six cylinder that can rev up to 22,000rpm

SIX cylinder race bikes are from a bygone era when the GP crowds were treated by the sights and sounds of power bellowing from the pipes of these machines and the mad genius of Guy Coulon not content with buying a historic piece decided to build his own.

The crew chief, who is the man behind Colin Edwards' Yamaha M1 and the Mistral Moto2 machine, is somewhat of a mad genius of engineering and in his spare time tinkering in the shed put together this wild 300cc inline-six race bike.

The 300cc inline six was born from two Honda CBR250 engines, after this he built his own cylinders and crankcases, designed his own gearbox and machined a crankshaft from solid alloy. First time the engine started it managed 60bhp at 18,500rpm.