Tuxworth: 'TT takes too much time'

Mixed opinions from Honda's racing boss

HONDA'S Racing Manager, Neil Tuxworth, has said the TT takes too much time.

In an interview with Energy FM, Tuxworth said: "The TT does take too much time unfortunately, that's the biggest negative thing for us. It's the thing that Honda question.

"It isn't just two weeks it's all the preparation before and afterwards. There's no other event in the world we go to where we spend two weeks away. I know it's difficult with the practice situation, it's something you can't do much about but obviously from our point of view it's something we have to look at very closely because it does affect our other racing programs."

However, Tuxworth could heap nothing but praise on the TT and Honda in another interview, where he said: "The TT is always such a magical event for Honda. It is where Honda began racing and has been coming for over 50 years to compete, with numerous successes during this period."

A former TT competitor himself, Tuxworth has managed Honda's road-racing teams for more than 20 years and was team manager of Castrol Honda when Edwards won the World Superbike Championship in 2002.

Will Honda put pressure on TT organisers to shorten the event in 2013 in order to minimise the amount it affects their other racing programs?