TT Supersport race red-flagged after death

Tragic news postpones TT Supersport race

THE Isle of Man TT Supersport race was red flagged following an accident at Gorse Lea (near Ballacraine) involving one rider, Derek Brien, who died at the scene.

Brien, 34 from County Meath, first competed at the Manx GP in 2004, he won the Junior Manx GP in 2007 and first competed in the Isle of Man TT in 2009. His highest finish was 13th.

During the Supersport race, Michael Dunlop almost crashed twice after his bike spilt oil onto his back tyre, causing him, in his own words to 'have a dirty great slide' spitting him out of the seat. He stayed on the bike but was forced to retire from the race.

Guy Martin crashed at Creg-ny-Baa before the race was red-flagged but made it back to the pits and was deemed OK to race by the medics.

With the race red flagged it gave both Michael Dunlop and Guy Martin time to restart the Supersport race.

At 13:09 the Supersport race has now restarted.