Snetterton race circuit to undergo major redevelopment

Three new and exciting circuits in one set to relaunch Snetterton race track

SNETTERTON RACE TRACK is to undergo a major redevelopment ahead of the 2011 season, with three new layouts for the new track: Snetterton 300, 200 and 100. 

The new track has a width of 10m, an increase from the 9m of most of the existing track.  This is similar to many F1 tracks.  As part of the redevelopment, the remaining circuit will be resurfaced.  There will also be an increase to the track width of 12m at turns 2 and 13 to further aid overtaking opportunities.

It will be the newest circuit in the UK and the second longest in the country.  The new track has been designed as an international circuit with the aim of achieving an FIA Grade 2 license.

The Snetterton 300 will feature a new three mile circuit that incorporates a new one mile infield section, integrated with the revised version of the original Snetterton circuit.

The Snetterton 200 is the closet to the current circuit, but it will feature better overtaking opportunities with new turns being added.  The most notable change is a heavily revised turn 2, which is now a hairpin which leads onto the Revett Straight.

The Snetterton 100 circuit is the smallest circuit and will be primarily used for trackday activities, and will also be used for race school and testing activities.

Jonathan Palmer, Chief Executive Officer of MotorSport Vision is optimistic on the new development: “Snetterton has its own character and great features of long straights and superb high speed corners but overall has lagged behind the other MSV circuits in terms of driver/rider appeal and spectator entertainment…”.

He also adds: “It was important to combine the best features of old Snetterton with the elimination of its weaknesses and the addition of a major new section to expand it and make it a real competitors’ and spectators’ favourite.  I wanted every corner to either be a really exciting driver/rider challenge, or produce a good overtaking opportunity”.

Click the images below to see the other Snetterton layouts.