New Isle of Man TT rules could hinder Hutchinson and Brookes

The Bingley man may not be able to make his return until 2015

EIGHT-times TT winner Ian Hutchinson and fastest-ever newcomer Josh Brookes may not be able to compete at the Isle of Man TT next year due to new rules regarding electronics meaning the Milwaukee Yamaha would not be competitive.

As seen in British Superbikes, TT Race officials wanted a spec-ECU rule by 2015, however the rule change is looking likely to take effect ready for TT 2014. After-market electronics such as Magneti Marelli will no longer be allowed. 

Kit systems, a Motec spec-ECU or original equipment appear to be the three options in discussion as TT Clerk of the course Gary Thompson is hoping that the amendments will help with cost management in the current economic climate.

So far, Milwaukee Yamaha appear to be the only team concerned by the rules changes as Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki seem to be in favour due to their advanced kit systems.

The YEC kit system that Milwaukee Yamaha have is not as advanced and consistent 131mph would prove difficult. Due to this, Milwaukee Yamaha team owner Shaun Muir is contemplating pulling out of TT 2014. 

Speaking to bikesportnews, Muir said: “I have fought these new regulations tooth and nail, but to no avail so I may have no option but to remove both Josh and Ian from the event because it would be very difficult to make them both anything like competitive at the very sharp end.

“The kit systems from other manufacturers already contain strategies for rider aids traction control and anti-wheelie, for example, whereas the Yamaha’s isn’t that advanced, so we would be at a distinct disadvantage, especially when it comes to putting in consistent 131mph laps where a full electronics package is necessary.

“Neither myself or Yamaha want to be put in this position but at the end of the day, the other manufacturers are happy with it. We have plenty of experience with the BSB Motec spec-ECU and would have no problem moving to it in 2015.”

Other road racing events such as the North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix aren’t set to make any changes this year, but it is possible they could adopt the same rule changes in 2015 as the Isle of Man TT.