Mladin says AMA riders are spineless and retires

Former AMA Superbike Champion launches scathing attack on race series organisers and announces his retirement

Mladin says AMA riders are spineless and retires

SIX-TIME AMA Superbike Champion Mat Mladin has announced his retirement from motorcycle racing.

The Australian's decision to quit comes with a scathing attack on AMA race series organisers and the lack of circuit safety at many of the championship venues. Speaking on his Twitter page, Mladin also attacks his fellow riders, calling their unwillingness to speak up about the lack of safety as 'spineless'.  He says:

"So Topeka today! 170mph turn 1 and you can hit the concrete with your shoulder, which leads to turn 2 head on into concrete which leads to turn 3 where a wall has removed and if you run off the track you go into a 10ft deep ditch. The track seem willing to do work but the wrong people are advising what to do and unfortunately I do not wish to die or be busted up waiting for that work to be done. Some riders are saying that the work will happen in stages. It's the reason why some places we go now are still bad. Because riders wont stand up and be counted. Amazing how great they can ride a bike but be the most gutless people I have ever known. Spineless!"

Mladin's decision to quit will come as a disappointment to many; the Australian was rumoured to be heading to World Superbikes in 2010, a move which would have seen Mladin battling with former AMA arch rival Ben Spies.

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