Airwaves Yamaha: An explanation

BSB Championship leaders explan the reasons behind Leon Camier's exclusion from Cadwell Race Two results

BSB record breakers GSE Airwaves Yamaha have revealed what was the cause of the mechanical problem that struck Leon Camier's bike while in the lead during the second British Superbike race at Cadwell Park on Monday.

On the 18th and final lap, race leader Leon was shown the black and orange flag because smoke was pouring from the side of his bike. The team have found that the oil cooler on Leon's bike had rubbed on the exhaust, causing smoke. An incident not experienced by the Airwaves Yamaha team before.

Team Manager Colin Wright said: "I'd like to apologise to Leon for the error we made at Cadwell Park on Monday. We have found that the oil cooler had made contact with the exhaust, causing a small oil leak, and this was responsible for the smoke that was visible for all to see. Had this error not occurred, Leon would now be in a position where he would only need 4.5 points in the remaining rounds to secure the championship for Airwaves Yamaha. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Leon for immediately showing dignity and professionalism when he learned of his disqualification from the results.

"There has been comment made that a lack of competition has been behind Leon's success this year. But comparing his times from Race One to those of 2008 winner Leon Haslam, we can see that he still would have won by 3.5 seconds. He's had an outstanding season so far."

On the decision to exclude Leon from the race, Colin added: "The marshals and Race Director absolutely made the right call regarding the black and orange flag, as this was the only way that Leon would be made aware of a problem. As Leon did not leave the circuit immediately he was disqualified from the results. Unfortunately for us, the Race Director had to take this action exactly as the rules state. Had the oil leak been worse, Leon could have crashed and would almost certainly have caused others to fall on the oil.

"GSE Racing has enjoyed much success over the years and we are extremely proud of our exemplary race finish record. I honestly cannot remember the last time we experienced a non-finish due to mechanical problems. This year has so far been tremendous, James and Leon are the only two riders in the championship to have finished in every race, and we will be working hard to continue this through to the last round."