Tucano Urbano airbag jacket transforms into a vest

The new Tucano Urbano Airscud Mesh airbag jacket can be worn as either a full-length jacket or with sleeves unzipped to form a vest


AIRBAG technology is changing, and now instead of choosing between a high-tech jacket or vest, you can have two in one, with the Tucano Urbano Airscud Mesh system.

The airbag technology for the new hybrid jacket comes from the French specialists In&Motion, and while the name suggests it is a summer jacket (as in made from mesh), that isn’t the case. It is in fact an all-weather item, waterproof with the sleeves attached, and suitable for use as a conventional airbag vest when worn under a waterproof outer jacket.

Away from the tech, the jacket features all the protection you’d expect from a CE-approved motorcycle jacket, D3O CE-approved protectors in the elbows and shoulders, and as the In&Motion system doubles as a back protector, there is one of them too.

Like all In&Mtion systems, the airbag tech is safely tucked away within the jacket. That means there are no tethers to the bike, and the system uses GPS and accelerometers to detect and respond to the rider having a fall.

Tucano Urbano airbag jacket doubles as a vest

While riding around without any sleeves on a jacket is not advised, the system could be appealing to some off-road and urban riders. Ditching the sleeves in hot weather when you hit the trails and donning some standalone armour is a decent way of keeping cool, and with this system, you’ll still have the peace of mind that comes from having the airbag in place and ready to help out.

The Tucano Urbano Airscud Mesh is available now for £393.

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