Travel lighter with GIVI WL901 Weightless

GIVI has launched a new extendable top case that lets you carry more and travel further

Givi WL901 Weightless Top Case

MOTORCYCLE kit and clothing specialists GIVI has just announced a range of innovative luggage options that allows touring motorcyclists to carry more without overloading their motorcycle.

The new newest member of the range is the new WL901 Weightless semi-rigid case. It’s mountable to any Monokey attachment system and is constructed from ABS with a tough diamond texture. The clever part of the system is the extending accordion hinge around the centre of the case. Unfurling this allows the capacity of the case to increase from 29 to 34 litres.

The interior features a soft-touch lining and there is also a waterproof inner liner and combination locking system for added security. Once extended, the WL901 will take a full-face motorcycle helmet and there is a mesh pocket mounted on the inner side of the lid told hold important travel documents.

With all motorcycles having a maximum gross laden weight, travelling with weighty luggage strapped to your motorcycle could cause undue instability, loss of braking performance, or mechanical failure. Lighter luggage also means you aren’t carrying any excess weight and can carry more of the things in your luggage that you will actually use.

The new GIVI top case is available for a price of £152.00 Including VAT, and could be the perfect solution for increasing the luggage capacity of your bike whilst looking good at the same time.

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