Squire launching world's strongest padlock at NEC bike show

The new Squire SS100 padlock weighs in at a massive 4.3kg, and is claimed to be the strongest production padlock around...

Squire Motolok SS100 lock and chain

NEED THE best protection for your bike at home or work? Then this total animal of a padlock has to be on your xmas list. Made in the UK by lock legends Squire, the new SS100 is 100mm wide – DOUBLE the size of the old SS50 - already a heroic lock in terms of protection. It's even bigger than the firm's SS65 and SS80 65mm and 80mm models, and a hugely serious bit of kit.

The new padlock is a closed shackle design, with a boron steel shackle that's nearly-impossible to cut. Even scrotes with angle grinders will be looking elsewhere - this padlock will take a load of batteries and discs to cut through. Size matters here - the more metal in a lock, the longer it takes to cut through, and even modern high-powered cordless angle grinders start to give up. And if it starts to take 20-30 minutes to cut a lock, even the cheekiest baddy will start to get a bit twitchy.

The SS100 is the top lock in the new Squire Motolok range, and is paired with a 1.5m long, 22mm link hardened alloy chain, to make a seriously tough security package. It's too heavy to carry about on the bike, so will be a home or work job, but looks like just the job for keeping all but the most determined hoodlums at bay.

See the new lock at the NEC show - Squire is on Stand 3B44 in Hall 3, where they'll also be showing off a new prototype disc lock design, which aims to be 'Diamond' Sold Secure approved. That test includes an angle grinder resistance test, so will be tough for them to meet.

We'll be trying out a Motolok as soon as we can - full report on its skillz soon.