Snazzy new colours hit the Shark motorcycle helmet line-up for 2024

A series of funky new colours and graphics have been introduced to refresh Shark’s existing motorcycle helmet range in 2024

Shark Spartan GT Pro

Shark has announced a refresh of its existing motorcycle helmet models in 2024, with a number of new colours announced.

The Shark helmets that are receiving fresh colours for 2024 are its ECE 22.06-homologated models: Skwal i3, D-Skwal 3, Spartan RS, Spartan GT Pro, and Ridill 2.

The Skwal i3 is Shark’s flagship ‘intelligent’ helmet, with active brake lights, and an inbuilt three-axis accelerometer. For 2024, its new ‘Hellcat’ design is available in the black/white/blue; black/white/silver; black/white/pink; black/white/red; and black/white/bronze colours and will retail for £309.99.

A ‘Dark Shadow’ edition of the Skwal i3 is also available in grey and black, retailing for £279.99.

For the D-Skwal 3, the ‘Mayfer’ and ‘Blast-R’ graphic options are available - retailing at £219.99 - as well as a ‘Dark Shadow’ choice priced at £199.99. There are also blank choices of the D-Skwal 3 available for £179.99.

The Spartan RS is the flagship full-face sports helmet from Shark, with a Race-R Pro GP, four-point-locking visor, and a number of new colours for 2024. These include two new graphic options: ‘Xbot Carbon’ (a robot-style graphic); and the graffiti-style ‘Shaytan’.

Additionally, there are new additions to the existing ‘Byhron’ and ‘Shawn Carbon’ collections. For the ‘Byhron’ collection, there remains the original 2023 red/black/silver design, but with a new chrome effect creating an “iridescent shine”, Shark says. The ‘Shawn Carbon’ now features new red accents on the spoiler and vents on the original 2023 black/silver design.

The blank versions of the Spartan RS Carbon will come with a free black visor in 2024, too.

All new Spartan RS colours will retail for £319.99, while the Xbot Carbon and Shawn Carbon are priced at £399.99.

The Spartan’s touring variant, the Spartan GT Pro, benefits from 3D morphological cheeks and a Pinlock 120 Max Vision film, helping to maximise visibility when looking out of the helmet’s visor port. The view when looking at the helmet is altered for 2024, as the Spartan GT Pro has three new graphics including the ‘Dokhta Carbon’ (£499.99, in white/blue/red, orange/silver and white/orange/silver), the ‘Kultram Carbon’ (£499.99, in yellow, white, blue and red), and the ‘Zarco Replica’. How relevant or current that Zarco replica will be by the time 2024 rolls around and Zarco has made his move to HRC is uncertain…

The Zarco Replica and the existing Ritmo Carbon design have both received the same chrome treatment as mentioned on the Spartan RS.

Finally, the Ridill 2 has a new ‘Molokai’ available in the mat black/silver/red; glossy black/silver/green; glossy black/silver/orange; and mat black/white/silver colours, retailing for £169.99.

Head to the Shark website to find out more about its products, and to the Nevis website to find your nearest UK-based Shark stockist.