Skidmarx double bubble GSX-R1000K9 screen

Better wind protection, improved aerodynamics - it makes you wonder why double bubbles aren't fitted as standard

Skidmarx GSX-R1000K9 double bubble - £49.95 (colour tints extra)

SKIDMARX have developed a double bubble screen for the all-new Suzuki GSX-R1000K9.

The screen, which is available in clear and tint, screens is fabricated from 3mm acrylic, using information and experience from top race teams, including Worx Crescent and TAS Relentless Suzuki. The company claim the screens enhance the aerodynamics of the bike, by significantly increasing the size of the air pocket behind the screen to provide greater protection at speed for the rider.

The GSX-R1000K9 double bubble fits uses the existing mounting points and fasteners, so no drilling, cutting or special tools are required. Coloured versions are also available for a £6 surcharge.

Available in clear and tinted options, both priced £49.95 each; a standard version is also available at £39.95.

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