Sikh riders presented with an impact-resistant Tough Turban

As Sikh motorcyclists are exempt from wearing a helmet, Tough Turban introduces an open-source protective turban with three layers of protection.

Tough Turban Protective headwear

SIKH motorcyclists have been exempt from wearing a helmet in the UK since 1976, with the introduction of the Motorcycle Crash-Helmets (Religious Exemption) Act, 1976. Despite this exemption to the law, there’s not much in the way of protective headgear especially for Sikh riders on the market.

Wearing a turban for practising Sikhs is a crucial aspect of their faith, and despite being able to legally ride without a helmet on the road, Sikh riders will also no doubt consider the inherent risks of riding without a protective lid. 

Enter Tough Turban, a traditionally styled turban made with three layers of protection, to satisfy both safety and religious needs. As shown in the accompanying release video, Sikhs used to ride into battle donning protective chainmail underneath their tied turbans, which design director Chris Pearen used as inspiration for this concept product.

Utilising a matrix formed of 3D printed plastic to create a type of chainmail, combined with bulletproof Dyneema fabric and a non-newtonian foam which hardens on impact, the resulting product resembles a traditional turban, but with the added protective qualities that, say, an open-face helmet will have.

Tough Turban - open-source protective headgear

This is all the result of the coming-together of Zulu Alpha Kilo (a Toronto-based creative agency), Pfaff Harley Davidson, Spark Innovations and the Sikh Motorcycle Club in Ontario following an amendment to the helmet laws there in 2018.

A very Canadian affair, but fortunately for Sikh riders around the world, the design is open-source - meaning anyone with the know-how and tools can download the blueprints to manufacture & improve the product. It's a step in the right direction for respecting faith but providing protection.

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