Shoei launch new XR1100 helmet

Shoei have launched a new helmet with a brand-new visor mechanism

The new Shoei XR1100

SHOEI have launched a new helmet, the XR1100. We haven't had it in to check it out yet, so in the meantime, here's what Shoei have to say about it:

The XR-1100 is superior to all previous helmets in every respect.

* A brand new visor mechanism ensures the helmet's perfect fit, and it is entirely draft-free thanks to the visor's "suction seal" concept.

* The visor system also provides a broader field of vision and features a modified and enlarged pin lock visor.

* The entirely redesigned ventilation system maintains an ideal helmet climate.

* It incorporates a negative pressure system with a special extraction technology to guarantee the effective and continuous discharge of warm air, even at very low speeds.

* Adjustable inlet vents on the chin (with defroster), on the brow (2 vents) and on the back (4 outlet vents) make optimum climate control child's play.

* A special ventilation duct layout minimises ventilation noise.

* A completely remodelled aerodynamic concept was perfected in numerous laboratory and road tests. Sophisticated spoilers are integrated in the shell to optimise air flows, making the helmet extremely stable even at high speeds.

* The helmet has a low-drag design plus a compact profile that considerably reduces wind noise.

* All interior features have been redesigned to enhance XR-1100 wearer comfort. This SHOEI helmet offers perfect ergonomic fit thanks to a 3D centre pad which comfortably encases the head. The centre pad, cheek pads and chin strap are all detachable and washable.