Shark Aeron GP brings active aero to your motorcycle helmet!

The Shark Aeron GP utilises a patented system that adapts the aerodynamic elements on the rear of the lid to adapt to the rider’s body position.

Aeron GP motorcycle helmet

Active, or moveable aero devices fixed to MotoGP bikes might be outlawed, but the same can’t be said for aerodynamic devices mounted to the rider’s helmet! That’s a loophole that the French motorcycle helmet brand Shark is looking to exploit, as it announces a world-first lid with functioning active aerodynamics.

The system is powered by a patented technology called the Adaptive Aero System, or A2S. It works by moving small flaps found on the side panel of the rear spoiler, to funnel the airflow around the rider’s hump for either improved comfort or better aerodynamics. Shark is claiming the new system can reduce the flag effect (an aerodynamic phenomenon related to oscillations in the air) by 80 per cent, turbulence by 50 per cent and drag by five per cent.

The moveable element is the large flap that you can just make out on the flat, side portion of the rear spoiler.

Because of these reductions in drag and turbulence, Shark is also claiming that the new lid can help to reduce strain on the neck, creating what it describes as an ‘​​exceptional riding sensation’. Shark’s long-time MotoGP rider Johann Zarco has been helping with the development of the new helmet and is said to have been extensively testing it on the track and in real-world conditions.

Speaking about the new lid, Marjorie Baudet, General Manager of Shark, said: 

“Shark’s genetics are made by racers for racers. It was obvious that our new flagship should be closely linked to this leitmotif which has driven us for 30 years. The development of this new helmet is its quintessence, and this campaign was entirely targeted to highlight the most successful product ever made at Shark, the AeronGP. Offering the best in aerodynamics, body fit and style for our daily Racers”.

At the time of writing the arrival date of the new Aeron GP into dealers and its price are TBC. We’ll update this page as soon as we know.

More information can be found on the official Shark website.

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