Richa release new motorcycle boots to spice up your 2021 look

Refresh your motorcycle gear ready for 2021, there are four new boots available from Richa

Richa 2021 Boots

RICHA lifted the lid some of their new boots recently, with some release info for four of their boots for 2021 - a couple of the new pairs even feature some of that snazzy retro-reflectivity material for greater visibility on the roads.

Fresh additions to the touring range are the Nomad Evo and Flare boots, and the racing collection has the Drift Evo and Velocity boots added. They are all CE approved and come in a few different colour variations to match your style (if you have a signature colour scheme you want to keep up).

The Richa brand is known for style and quality, but not charging an arm and a leg for it. They have been making motorcycle gear since 1952 when founder Charles Rigaux launched his first pair of gloves, so they’ve picked up a thing or two since then.

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Here’s a quick look at the new motorcycle boots, and what they are all about:

Richa Touring Range

Nomad Evo
The Nomad Evo boots are waterproof and breathable, with added textile flex area for comfort. It’s designed with touring in mind, so long days and all weathers with the retro-reflectivity material in the heel to improve your visibility in all weather. A couple of zips, inner and outer, for ease getting in and out of the boots, with a velcro and leather rear overlay for bonus comfort and a better fit - plus a TPU overlay on the toe for repeated abuse from gear changes.  
Available in UK dealers size 36-48, you can pick between the long boots (£99.99) or short boots (£89.99).

You may guess from the name, but these Flare boots are all about safety and visibility but maintaining that sleek Richa style. Thanks to the dot-matrix retro-reflective material they provide extreme high visibility out on the road. It has a breathable and waterproof material, with reinforced TPU overlay on the high contact areas. Velcro to secure the boots, and an inner zip to help getting them on & off.
Available in UK dealers size 36-48 for £129.99.

Richa Racing Collection

Drift Evo 
The Drift Evo boot is sports styled, with a hipora waterproof and breathable membrane, with built-in vents to further improve breathability. Reinforced TPU is placed in the high-contact areas: heel, outer ankle and shin, and offset zip to help you get it on & off. Plus, there’s a replaceable plastic to slider for scuff prevention, which will no doubt add some longevity to the boot!
Available in UK dealers size 39-48, and a choice of colours (seen in the image): black, red & grey, or just black - both £99.99

Finally, the Velocity is a sports boot in a matte finished leather, Hipora waterproof with a breathable membrane, quilted leather flex zone for the ankle, and reinforced TPU overlays on the outer ankle, heel and shin. Double leather and reinforced TPU on the toe, which will help wear from repeated gear-changes. The plastic & metal toe-slider, and metal scuff protector on the top outer shin area, are both replaceable so they’ll last that bit longer than standard - if you keep on top of it. 
Available in UK dealers size 39-48, and the choice of colours is black & white, or just black - both £109.99.