Richa launches new Hypercane Gore-Tex and Torch Flare biking gloves for 2022

The Belgian brand will be bringing the brand new Hypercane Gore-Tex and Torch Flare motorcycle gloves to its 2022 roster.

Richa Hypercane and Torch Flare gloves, 2022.

RICHA, the motorcycle apparel firm out of Belgium, will be adding two new gloves to its collection for 2022. 

Firstly, the new Hypercane Gore-Tex glove will be arriving this year. It will be made from a mix of stretch textiles and genuine goatskin, to give a lightweight, waterproof glove with quadri-directional stretch and velcro fastening.

This new glove will feature Gore-Tex’s Gore-Grip technology, ensuring good traction between your glove and bar grip whether it is dry, wet, or snowing, as it apparently now does in Britain in the middle of spring.

Additionally, a tri-fleece lining will deliver a “comfortable, yet breathable feel,” according to a press release from Richa, and both the inner palm and knuckles will be protected by D3O protection.

The second new-for-2022 glove from Richa, the Torch Flare, will incorporate Richa’s own Flare technology. Flare is designed to give maximum visibility in low-light conditions. 

Richa’s new Torch Flare will be made from goatskin leather and textiles, and will feature a waterproof Aquashell LTZ membrane, as well as double velcro closure on the wrist. 

The Torch Flare will also incorporate CE-certified armours on the knuckles, as well as Temperfoam protectors on the inner palm.
Like the Hypercane, the Torch Flare will feature a tri-fleece lining, and four-way stretch accordion panels.

Both the Hypercane Gore-Tex and Torch Flare will be available in sizes small-to-four-XL. The Hypercane Gore-Tex will retail at £129.99, while the Torch Flare comes in at £79.99.

For more information on Richa’s range, check out their page, here.