REC Watches TTT Knievel is a Swiss watch built from Evel’s last bike

The TTT Knievel features a Swiss SELLITA cal. SW200-1 Sb movement, and is created from components sourced from Evel’s last stunt bike, the Harley-Davidson “Shark Jump” XR750.

REC Watches TTT Knievel is a Swiss watch built from Evel’s last bike

He may have passed away in 2007 and quit attempting motorcycle stunts many years prior to that, but the name Evel Knievel transcends the world of motorcycles, and he is still a household name.

And it’s because of this that his brand is still so strong, and part of the reason why specialist watchmaker, REC Watches, chose the Montana native to be the subject of its latest creation.

Just 736 of the TTT Knievel watches will be made, and as with the rest of the brand’s timepieces, it’s already a very handsome-looking piece of wristwear. What sets this watch apart from the rest, though, is the small star located at the 12 o’clock position, which is created from the lever controls taken from Evel’s last bike.

It is, of course, the Harley-Davidson XR750 that was used in the now infamous ‘Shark Jump’ attempt. The stunt, inspired by the movie Jaws (it was 1977 after all), would see Evel leap his Harley over a tank full of live sharks. It was billed to be the TV event of the year, although, in rehearsals for the main event, Evel crashed, breaking both his arms and injuring one of his camera crew. 

To create the star on the face of the watch, REC re-forged the original levers, before cutting them to shape and mounting them on the watch. A nice touch here is the way the stars have been finished, or not so, as the case may be. Each star looks to have a recently forged finish to it, meaning that, should they all be created in this way, each would have its own, unique appearance.

The new REC Watches TTT Knievel is priced at £1,610 (on sale currently) but at the time of writing only 310 examples are left. 

More information can be found on the official website.

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