R-Pur Nano mask unveiled at CES

The filtration system within the mask is said to prevent even nano particles from being inhaled

AS OUR CITIES become more congested, the amount of toxins and harmful particles we inhale into our lungs increases, and in some cases, they can reach dangerous levels.

The R-Pur Nano is designed to eliminate the health risks of city riding by filtering out even nanoparticles (one nanoparticle is about one-millionth of a millimetre!) as well as larger airborne particles like pollen and soot. R-Pur claims the nano is good for filtering out toxic particles related to air pollution, fine particulates like those found in diesel fumes, gases (NOx / NO3), pollen and even bacteria.

The five-layer filtration system looks like those used when making industrial dust masks and breathing equipment and is held in place with a neoprene housing. The whole mask is claimed to be totally waterproof and breathable, while the design and shape are said to ensure that 99.98% of the air breathed in goes through the filter.

The Nano is suitable for jet styled (open-faced) and full-face lids, it’s even claimed to still be compatible with hands-free intercoms and goggles.

Purchasing a mask will also get you access to the R-Pur app that helps you track the status of your filter. By tracking the amount of riding and location you ride in, city or rural, the app can calculate your personal usage and advise of when a change of filter is due.

We’ve contacted R-Pur with the idea of testing one on the streets of London, stay tuned for a further update.

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