New hoops: Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 for adventure motorcycles

Keeping up with the trends of an evolving adventure motorcycle market, Bridgestone is to release the Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 tyres in February 2022.

New Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 tyres

Just announced, the new Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 tyre, built for an adventure bike market that is a tad more concerned with on-road touring than taking their bikes on the rough stuff - but would like the option to. 

Via Gripping Stories, these new Battlax hoops are due to be available from February 2022. 

Off-road styled with a rugged block-pattern tread that is said to provide superb grip in the wet, with a touring compound (plus 3LC used on the rear) to provide optimal mileage.

It’s all in the grooves - New Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 hoops

That off-road-esque tread pattern also features an optimised groove design to improve water drainage, with the contact areas holding a consistent groove ratio and increased average groove volume. 

The block shapes provide a consistent road feel, whilst also limiting partial wear on the shoulder. All things considered, these hoops should provide superb wet-weather performance without sacrificing performance in dry conditions. 

Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle at Bridgestone EMIA, said: 

“The Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 is an on-road tyre that completes the adventure range. The adventure bike segment is the largest growing segment in motorcycle sales over the past several years, and our latest road tyre in this market is designed to bring comfort and safety – in both the dry and wet weather conditions – to riders with an adventurous spirit.”

Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 sizes: 

There will be nine sizes available, 4 front and 5 rear all bearing the M & S (Mud & Snow) markings, with sizes covering the majority of the bikes adventure category. Pricing is to be confirmed.

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