New home-diagnostics tool promises to save BMW owners fortunes

Cut your servicing costs in half

New home-diagnostics tool promises to save BMW owners fortunes

A NEW PLUG-IN diagnostics tool has been launched for use on BMW motorcycles, promising to save owners a fortune in servicing costs.

The GS-911, and the plug and play ezCAN accessory manager were designed and developed by Hex Innovate, a British technology company that usually produces automotive diagnostic software for manufacturers including Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

BMW is the company’s first foray into motorcycles, and the idea was born of Hex founder Stephan Thiel’s adventure ride through Africa on his BMW GS. While riding, he realised a self-diagnostic tool for the motorcycle wasn’t available for sale to general public, and so decided to invent one himself.

The £225 GS-911 plugs into the diagnostic port on BMW F, R, K, S, and G -series motorcycles and enables riders to diagnose, read and clear fault codes, before downloading the data via USB or WIFI.

Meanwhile, the HEX ezCAN accessory manager plugs into the BMW CAN bus system and lets owners of BMW R1200GS, K1600, and most F650-800 models add accessories, including additional lights, air horn and heated seats, without cutting any wires.

The two tools have finally been officially launched in the UK, and can be purchased here.

Hex Innovate’s Bern Leuvennink said: "The demand for our products in the UK has existed for some time now, and following the considerable growth BMW Motorrad experienced in the UK in 2017, is an opportune time for us to contribute to the market and make our GS-911 and ezCAN easily accessible to UK motorcyclists.”

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