First look – Apeman A80 action cam

Is a cheapie action cam worth the cash?

Apeman A80 camera

WE’VE JUST been sent this Apeman A80 action camera for a look. It’s a budget device, costing around £60-70 on Amazon, but comes with a decent set of accessories and solid spec.

It has a Sony sensor, and can record in 4K, if you need to fill up your hard drive with massive files, plus more sensible 1080p resolutions, including a 60fps rate, and a 120fps 720p mode. It takes the usual MicroSD cards, charges via MicroUSB and has a MicroHDMI output. Instructions are basic, but if you’ve used a cam like this before, it’s fairly simple to interpret.

It’s not on par with the likes of Drift or GoPro, but for a budget cam, it looks to be fairly decent. The kit includes two batteries, a waterproof casing, and a selection of GoPro-type mounts.

We’ll be trying it out on some tests and launches this season, and will report back on how it does…

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