New accessories for BMW from Wunderlich

Colour dash glare shield, and adjustable footrest system

Wunderlich Glare Shield

GERMAN FIRM Wunderlich specialises in aftermarket goodies for the whole BMW range, and its UK importer has released info on some new products.

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First up is a new anti-glare shield for the new LCD colour screens available on the latest high-end models. The shields simply click onto the unit, with no fixings or glue required, and are made from tough ABS. Available for a host of new bikes - as well as many older BMWs, the Glare Shield costs just £30.

Also released from Wunderlich is the new Vario adjustable footrest system. This is quite a nice design - a round mounting plate has a series of stepped flanges, which a corresponding offset footpeg mount bolts onto. Loosen the bolt, and you can rotate the mount, moving it forward or back, up or down, to suit your favoured foot position. There are three lengths of mounting bracket - 23mm, 30mm and 50mm, and eight positions on the back plate, so loads of possible adjustment. You can also fit a rubber insert to the footpeg for more vibration absorption.

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