Metzeler launches Sportec M9RR supersports tyre

Metzeler updates its supersport tyre range with the launch of the new Metzeler Sportec M9 RR


Metzeler has announced its new range of supersport tyres, the Sportec M9 RR, targeted directly at the sportier end of the motorcycle market.

Replacing the Sportec M7 RR in the Metzeler line-up, the M9 RR – which stands for road racing in a nod to events like the Isle of Man TT - has been designed for owners of supersports and naked bikes with a sporty edge that splits time between city riding and longer distance open road excursions.

The new-for-2020 range promises a high level of grip thanks to a two-compound scheme using both Full Silica at the front and rear tyre, which works in combination to ensure traction and directionality on the straight.

The structure is also intended to accentuate the handling of the motorcycle and response the tyre whether it is used primarily for comfort or riding pleasure. The Full Silica compound has also been designed to provide a quick warm-up on wet and cold roads.

Tread Patterns

The tread design recognizes the features of the Pi - π - that, besides being distinctive of Sportec product family, also have a functional purpose.
The grooves of the Greek Pi allow a certain degree of mobility to the portion of the tread they delimit, resulting in an improvement of the warm-up time even at low temperatures. They also serve to maximise the volume of water evacuated when riding in the wet.
Sportec M9 RR inherits the Racetec RR central claw grooves from the technology developed for Road Races, in which it has gained recent victories at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and North West 200. These details in the central band contribute to directional stability on the straight and participate in the evacuation of water in adverse weather conditions.
The tread pattern is designed for excellent water evacuation up to a 30-degree lean angle, while beyond this point the shoulder reaches void/fill ratios close to those of a Race Replica tyre. The shoulders of Sportec M9 RR are more slick than those of its predecessor, in order to improve support and lateral thrust at maximum lean anglewhere the function of water evacuation is no longer necessary.