HM Quickshifter launches a new Stand Alone Blipper with some exciting extra functions available!


The quickshifter is perhaps one of the coolest electronic upgrades on modern bikes. A full-spec ‘up and down’ shifting system can make a huge difference to your performance and the riding experience – on road and track. And British firm HM Quickshifter is launching a whole new range of quickshifter / auto blipper kits, aimed at giving riders the very highest level of shift assistance – as well as some very special additional functions.
The new kits are available in two versions – ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’. The Lite kit has an adjustable shifting and back shifting program and simple plug-and-play install, while the Pro kit adds on a pitlane speed limiter and super-trick auto-warmup function.
The auto-warmup system controls the throttle to warm the engine, while constantly monitoring the coolant temperature, until the bike reaches a pre-set coolant temperature (set to 80°C as standard). The HM shifter’s control unit keeps oil pressure optimised, and uses less-aggressive throttle blips at lower temperatures, cleverly bringing your high-performance engine up to working temperature at the perfect rate. 
One vital, often-overlooked, factor in quickshifter design is safety. The HM employs a ‘fail-safe’ approach to its shifter design that makes it almost impossible for the device to cut power to the engine at the wrong time, so no more miss shifts! 
The HM ECU uses principles employed in military and aerospace industries and if there are any errors during the shift operation, the QS disconnects itself, logs an error, and switches off till it’s been fixed. 
As if all this tech wasn't enough HM’s also developing a next-level software update, which will bolt on Launch Control, Anti-Wheelie and Engine Brake Control functions to the Pro system, all of which can be controlled from your laptop. 

Which bikes does it work on? 

Yamaha MT10 2016 –on
Yamaha R1 2015 – on
Yamaha R6 2017 – on
Triumph 765 2017 – on
Kawasaki ZX10 2017 – on
Honda CBR1000 – on (LITE only)
New models are added frequently and if you have a model that is not listed, call HM and they will add it to the list.
The new Stand Alone Shifter Blipper is priced at £500 for the Lite version and £600 for the Pro model.
If you’ve got one of these rides and fancy upgrading to a HM quick shifter here is the link to find out more:

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