The WiPEY is here! And we’re confused…

Is it the next must-have accessory, or answering a question nobody asked???

The WiPEY is here! And we’re confused…

MOTORCYCLES and gadgets go together like Romano Fenati and stewards enquires – they just seem to be inexplicably drawn to each other don’t they?

From heated seat covers to head up displays, chain oilers to airbag suits, manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to get that part of our brain that says ‘ohhh, I need that’ to hand over our cash.

Enter WiPEY, the latest next big thing from some bright sparks in Slovenia, the automatic, battery powered visor wiper that you never knew you needed!

Interestingly, Slovenia sees an annual rainfall of around 1000mm, 200mm more than the UK, which could be the reason this device has come into being – that and they’ve probably never heard of RainX. Or just riding faster!

WiPEY features two modes for light or heavy rain and is powered by a single battery that should last three to twelve hours, dependant on how fast your wipe is! You can even hook up an optional Bluetooth button to the handle bar for handsfree wiping – and that’s not a phrase I thought I’d ever put into an article.

There is a Kickstarter campaign about to begin for the product, If you’d like to know more; sign up to the mailing list here:

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