HELD launches innovative wearable lighting system to keep bikers seen

Perfect for these long winter nights...

Held LED lighting system

HELD has released a clever LED lighting system that can be retro-fitted to its jackets in order to make motorcyclists more visible on the road.

The fibre-optic lighting system can be easily installed on its 'LED Prepared' jackets,  which vary from  the £60 Flashlight LED vest, to the £263.99 Yoshima and the range-topping £966.99 Atacama jackets. The flexible light tubes slide into channels in the garment – white on the front and red on the back – and are powered by a small external battery pack, which can last up to seven hours between charges.

The lights connect to the battery pack via a USB port, and the pack can then be stored in an internal pocket.

Made by Osram, these tubes can be cut to length, and also in theory used for other riding purposes, thanks to their flexible nature.

The system will cost £69.99 when it goes on sale.