For that special biker in your life – gifts up to £50.

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WITH CHRISTMAS just a few weeks away, it's almost time to make the dreaded trudge into town for the hasty and stress-filled dash around the shops in search of gifts for friends and family.

To try and make the whole process that bit less painful, we've compiled this thorough guide of Christmas gifts, from £50 to £500. All of them perfect for the biker in your life and better still, most can be bought online!

10. Spada Junction gloves £34.99

A decent set of gloves can make a journey by motorcycle so much more tolerable. Warm hands not only make you feel more comfortable, but they also respond better to stimuli from the brain and allow you to more accurately control the bike.

These Spada gloves look ideal for an urban commuter, with moulded knuckles, stretch panels and reflective sections. While they may not be up to any deep-winter touring the waterproof Hipora membrane and Thinsulate thermal layer should hold up brilliantly on a 10/15-mile commute through the winter months.

9. ABUS Trigger Disc Lock Alarm from £40

Even the most basic motorcycle security can provide enough of a deterrent to stop your bike being pinched. Think of it this way; if there are two bikes parked next to each other, one with a disclock and one without – which one is the bike thief going to try and walk off with?

This device from ABUS has an added sting in the tail in the form of a 100dB siren to warm you, or anyone else with half a mile, that your bike could be in danger.

8.Interphone Unicase for motorcycles from £30

As mobile phones get better and 4G connectivity gets more common, I find the need for a dedicated satnav becomes less and less. I find them a faff of to use, like trying to type when wearing bike gloves, whereas if I have my phone, I can just talk to it and it knows where I need to be.

One thing that is good to have if you use a phone on your bike is a good quality phone pouch like this one from Interphone.

It’s waterproof, comes complete with a mounting bracket and should be fitted to your bike in a few minutes.

7. Spada Small Suction Tank Bag £49.99

A small waterproof tank bag is an invaluable bit of kit for anyone who clocks up big miles. They’re great for chucking your change and receipts into when you’re filling up the tank. And just as good at carrying your lunch – keeping it cool throughout winter to boot!

This bag from Spada is held in place with suction cups and features two external pockets and a large clear compartment on the top to carry a smartphone or map. It’s made of water-resistant 600 Denier coated nylon and includes waterproof zips and a waterproof cable inlet for charging your devices on the go.

6. Tucano Urbano Diluvio Waterproof jacket and trouser set £42.99

Ideal for year-round riding, this Tucano Urbano oversuit provides you with an emergency layer of waterproofing if your textiles give up – or if you don’t pack them and get bit by the ‘Great’ British weather.

They are small enough to be rolled up and stuffed in a rucksack, feature two pockets, a hood and Velcro openings at the ankles to help when you're getting your boots on and off.

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