Givi adds new electric section to help you find the right gear for your bike

As the world continues to electrify, it is becoming increasingly important also for brands who do not make the vehicles themselves to adapt. 

Givi, electric charging station.

Givi has created a new section on its website to cater specifically to people who own electric motorcycles. 

Electrics are taking up an increasing piece of the motorcycle industry. In the year-to numbers for April, Britain’s motorcycle market saw growth of over 3000% in low-powered, small-capacity-equivalent two-wheeler registrations. Additionally, new manufacturers entering the two-wheeler industry are doing so with batteries and inverters, rather than petrol and cylinders. Moreover, the major manufacturers are moving away from the fuel pump and towards the charging station, with Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and more all making their electric ambitions known, and even Suzuki pulling out of MotoGP to focus on developing its own electric technology. Motorcycles are changing, and so the brands which create the equipment to be worn and used by their pilots must begin to adapt, too. 

For the most part, nothing changes on the equipment front. Whether your bike uses petrol or electricity to provide forward motion, you are going to need a helmet, boots, gloves, and a protective suit, or jacket and trousers/pants. 

But, what about the bike itself? It will be heavier, for sure, thanks to the batteries, and, particularly in the case of scooters, they might take up more space under the seat than a 50cc or 125cc combustion engine. Then, you will need to take with you a cable to charge up. So, storage becomes something to think about a bit. 

But, more importantly, while electrics are becoming more common, they remain far in the minority compared to combustion bikes. Whether you are happy, unhappy, or totally indifferent about that, it can be a complication for owners of electric bikes, and for the companies making the products for them. Finding products that actually fit your electric is not necessarily straightforward. 

That is why Givi has created a section on its website which allows you to search directly and specifically for products that fit your electric bike, rather than having to check manually and individually on every product you look at. Instead, in Givi’s new electric section, you can select a bike or scooter, and it will show you all of the add-ons - including hard cases, soft bags, screens, and GPS holders - that fit your bike or scooter.

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