Get your children on their Moto Rocker

Kneedown in the safety of your lounge

Get your children on their Moto Rocker

Moto Rocker has been designed to be the first bike for aspiring riders between the ages of  one and four.

It has a dummy 125cc two-stroke single motor with carb, exhaust, and even a gearbox. But you have to make your own ‘ding-ding’ noises.

Three major versions are offered, a Cafe Racer, Brat Racer, or Track Racer, and every rider’s name is placed on the frame bracket with the serial number and model details.

Each Moto Rocker has a powder=coated frame, with a waxed leather seat, leather handlebar grips, and weighs in at five kilograms. Although designed for younger kids, the Moto Rocker can accommodate up to 50 kilograms of jam-faced little herbert

Parents can order a custom built Moto Rocker by contacting the team at Felix Monza, with a range of colors, styles, and materials on offer.

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