New quad-core TomTom Rider 550 sat-nav

Now you can ask Siri where the bloody hell you are...

New quad-core TomTom Rider 550 sat-nav

TOMTOM’S all-new 550 is wi-fi-connected with a  quad-core processor making the TomTom run faster than ever before.

The sat-nav unit is packed with new features including use with Siri & Google for onboard music access, calling, messaging, checking the weather and much more. Another feature that the TomTom boasts is reading aloud any messages or missed calls. The rugged, metallic edged TomTom Rider is dust, drop and water-resistant (IPX7).

The capacitive touch screen can be toggled to adapt to light and heavy gloves. You can now Get the latest maps, software and easily sync new routes for your TomTom Rider via built-in Wi-Fi®. No computer needed.

The Rider 550 notifies you when new updates are available - simply connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network and choose what to install. With the 550 World you get all you need to mount the Sat-Nav to the bike using RAM-Mounts. If you upgrade to the Premium you will also receive a car mounting kit, RAM Anti-theft Solution and a protective carry case.

Prices start at £399.99, click here for the full pinata

At a glance

  • NEW TomTom Road Trips: Get on the road with the worlds best curated routes available exclusively to sync to your Rider 550.
  • NEW Updates via Wi-Fi®: Get the latest maps and software for your TomTom Rider via built-in Wi-Fi®. No computer needed.
  • NEW Smartphone Messages: Have smartphone messages read aloud to your headset.
  • NEW Compatible with Siri and Google Now: Unlock the use of your smartphone via voice for onboard music access, calling, messaging and more.
  • NEW Fast Quad-core Processor: Plan routes faster than ever before.
  • Winding and Hilly Roads Find the most exciting winding roads and climbs to avoid the boring straights.
  • Roundtrip Planning: Let your TomTom Rider automatically discover a different return route from your journey out.
  • Motorcycle POIs: Enjoy over 1000 pre-installed points of interest dedicated for motorcyclists.
  • TomTom MyDrive Motorcycle Route Planning: Create your own thrilling rides on TomTom MyDrive by selecting hilliness and windiness levels. Then sync them wirelessly to your device.
  • Lifetime World Maps*: Install and update world maps at no extra cost, for the lifetime of your motorcycle sat nav.
  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic*: Get intelligent routes that avoid traffic in real-time for the lifetime of your motorbike sat nav.
  • Lifetime Speed Cameras*: Notifications alert you to approaching speed cameras.
  • RAM® Mount Kit: Included robust and universal RAM® motorcycle mount.