First look: BMW's new Streetguard suit

BMW's all-round textile suit has amazing spec - at a price

BMW Streetguard suit

I'M NOT always a fan of bike firm kit - mostly because I have to ride a load of different bikes, and wearing a Harley-Davidson jacket on a Honda seems a bit weird. But I make an exception for really good high-performance gear - and this BMW Streetguard suit definitely falls into that category. It's the firm's top-end all-season textile touring/street suit, and is a pretty serious setup, with high-end materials and clever design.

I've got previous with the Streetguard - I had one of the earlier versions more than a decade ago, and it was excellent - a really solid performer in wet, cold conditions, yet comfy and easy to use. One of the best features is the sizing: the Streetguards come in 'short' and 'long' fittings, so if (like me) you're a bit stumpy and wide, (or tall and narrow) you can get a suit that fits your torso, yet doesn't have arms and legs which are three inches too long (or too short!) Ace.

The original Streetguard suit I had did amazing work, until I wore out the jacket zip. So I have very high expectations of this latest updated version. The spec is as high as you'll get - proper laminated outer shell, where the breathable membrane is laminated into the outer material, removable inner jacket, adjustable CE armour in elbows, knees, back and shoulders, and much more. The matching trousers have a removable liner too, and the whole suit has vent zippers for summer use. So, with little more than some extra base layers, you have a full riding kit setup for the whole year. I like to use an electric vest in real cold winter weather (I'm old and getting soft obvs), and with that and this suit, I'd happily ride to the Arctic and back. 

Of course, being a high-end item the Streetguard has a solid price tag - from £1,234 for the full get-up. We'd expect you'll get a good few years' service from that though, and you won't need any other kit for year-round riding.

I'll be wearing the Streetguard suit for some big trips this year. Check back for more on how we get on...


More info on the suit here.



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