Ducati launches Link app for route sharing and more

Smartphone app also links to Multistradas for data download and bike setup

Ducati Link app

WE SORT of go out on our bikes to get away from nonsense on social media round here. But we are a set of grumpy misanthropes round here (except Laura tbf), so accept some folk might want this sort of thing. This sort of thing, is a Ducati Link app for your phone, which lets you log sweet routes, share them amongst other 'Ducatisti', and do all manner of other amazing things.

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Even better, if you have a new Multistrada 1260, it'll link your phone up direct to the bike, letting you download all sorts of performance data on speed, acceleration, lean angle, power used, and all that good stuff. The app also gives access to all the menu settings - ABS, traction, electronic suspension, dashboard display settings etc etc.

Ducati's also planning to roll it out amongst more models going forward, starting with the previous Multistrada 1200 range. We doubt you'll be able to use it with your old 998S Bostrom Replica, though, sadly.

More info about the Ducati Link app here.