Ducati brings wings to the Streetfighter V2 with new carbon add-on set

If you ever looked at your V2 Streetfighter and thought “I would love it more if it had wings,” Ducati thought exactly the same thing.

Ducati Streetfighter V2 with carbon add-ons. - Ducati

DUCATI has launched a new accessory set for its Streetfighter V2 which makes it look, somehow, even more aggressive. 

The Streetfighter, in any form, has never been a particularly mellow-looking bike, but for those who want to ramp up the aesthetic aggression, the Bolognese brand’s new Performance accessories for the V2 will certainly be of interest. 

From this new add-on set, the most prominent items are the dual wings. Straight out of Gigi Dall’Igna’s dreams - and Carmelo Ezpeleta's nightmares, for that matter - these new wings are straight out of MotoGP circa 2016, before aerodynamics became (slightly) more regulated. Do they make a performance difference? Who knows? And, frankly, who cares? They definitely add to the angry look of the bike, and, to be honest, if you don’t like the look of the wings on the Streetfighter V2, there’s a decent chance you didn’t like the look of the bike in its standard form, anyway. Although, Ducati does say that the wings were designed in a wind tunnel.

The wings are made of carbon fibre, and this is the fundamental theme of these add-ons. There are also carbon front and rear mudguards, rear shock absorber cover, instrument panel cover, heel guards, number plate holder and exhaust cover in carbon and titanium.

Ducati has also collaborated with Rizoma to create CNC-machined billet aluminium accessories, including mirrors, fuel tank cap, and brake and clutch fluid reservoirs. 

Additionally, there is a “Sport package,” for the Streetfighter V2, which will include the carbon number plate holder, handlebar counterweights, fuel cap, brake and clutch levers, and LED indicators. 

Akrapovic have also had a part to play. Ducati says that the new titanium exhaust unit for the Streetfighter V2 is for track use only, and makes the bike “even more unique and exciting.”

Also for the track is the DDA kit, “combining the functionality of the electronic finish line and the display of dashboard times with the data acquisition of trajectories, speed, RPM, gear, throttle opening angle and intervention of electronic systems,” Ducati says.

You can virtually configure your own V2 Streetfighter on Ducati’s website, here.