Rothewald announced as specialist motorcycle tool brand of Louis Moto

Louis Moto has announced Rothewald as its specialist motorcycle tool brand, with equipment from electrical to motrocycle stands available.

Rothewald ratcheting set. - Louis Moto.

ROTHEWALD has been announced as the specialist motorcycle tool brand for Louis Moto, the distributor of motorcycle apparel, equipment, accessories and more. 

Rothewald specialises in tools designed for working on motorcycles, whether you’re restoring or tinkering; swapping something out or repairing a damaged part. 

A Louis Moto press release says, “Rothewald has developed its full range of tools with the needs of all DIY motorcycle mechanics top of mind, ensuring the best possible functionality, quality and affordability.”

The collection of Rothewald’s tools is designed to make as much repair, maintenance and other such work on your motorcycle possible home, which is beneficial for those who want to get into the details of their bike, and who enjoy working on it themselves; as well as those who would prefer to work on it themselves than leave it to a mechanic to work on. 

Rothewald’s range ranges “from socket sets, screwdrivers and toolkits to tool trollies, motorcycle stands and hydraulic lifts,” as well as electrical equipment, according to Louis Moto. 

Louis Moto says, “For those wanting additional peace of mind while out riding, or to improve the quality of the OEM tool kits supplied with their motorcycle, Rothewald travel tool kits are also available built with the same level of quality and precision.”

The Head of Marketing at Louis Moto, Torsten Petz, said: “We understand that for motorcyclists, the need to have a quality, comprehensive and reliable tool kit is fundamental to keep your bike in the best possible shape, both at home in the garage, and while you’re on the move.”

Petz added, “We believe that maintaining your pride and joy at home shouldn’t break the bank either, that’s why Rothewald’s vast range of specialist motorcycle tools and equipment have been developed with motorcycle owners in mind, ensuring affordability, as well as quality.”

The full Rothewald range can be browsed and purchased on Louis Moto’s website, here, where there are also some discounts available.