Christmas Gift Guide – ultimate books for bikers!

If you are stuck for what to buy for the motorcyclist in your life, a decent book about their favourite hobby is a very safe bet!


NOT that we want to bombard your timeline with the ‘C’ word - that’s Christmas by the way – but at the time of writing, there are just 27 days until the big day. And with the end of November signalling payday for many, now could be a great time to get some Christmas gifts sorted out in good time.

Stealing Speed – Mat Oxley

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Written by acclaimed motorcycle journalist and TT race winner Mat Oxley, Stealing Speed is the true story of how Suzuki stole a Nazi secret-weapon engineer’s ideas right from under their noses. In a story that could easily be turned into a big-budget blockbuster movie, this is a must-read book for any biker of any age.

We Need to Weaken the Mixture – Guy Martin

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From racing his bikes up Pikes Peak to challenging Formula One driver Jenson Button to a race in classic Williams F1 cars; if it goes fast chances are Guy’s ridden, driven or piloted it in one form or another. In this latest book, he talks us through saving his local pub from closure, becoming a dad and riding out with Putin’s own motorcycle gang, the Night Wolves.

Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe – Collette Coleman

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Colette Coleman's guide picks the 50 most scenic and adventurous tours in Europe's most breath-taking locations.

Whether you are an experienced biker or just discovering the joys of touring, this is the perfect introduction to the most inspiring motorcycle routes in Europe. Packed with stunning photography and practical information, Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe contains everything you need to plan an unforgettable trip.

Parrish Times: My Life as a Racer – Steve Parrish

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Champion motorcyclist, truck racer, television presenter, practical joker or just plain survivor - Steve Parrish has been called them all. Oh, and let’s not forget Barry Sheene’s teammate and close friend! Parrish Times tracks his amazing journey over the last four decades, through a rollercoaster ride of emotions in what is widely regarded as the most dangerous and exhilarating sporting arena there is.

Built for Speed: Bikers, Beers and Balls of Steel – John McGuinness

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John McGuinness is one of the all-time giants of road racing, with a huge host of victories to his name. But his easy humour and down-to-earth attitude off the bike have always kept people guessing: what’s the truth about the man inside the helmet, that has kept him at the top of such a sport for over 20 years?

Haynes Manual

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Owning a motorcycle and not having a Haynes manual is like a bit like passing your full bike test then buying a quad bike – you just wouldn’t do it, would you?

From the mundane tasks to technical rebuilds and suspension tuning – a Haynes manual is the ultimate garage companion for the home mechanic. Whether you’re experienced or a complete novice spanner wrangler, the Haynes manual is there to hold your hand.

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