Y’S Gear announce retro cafe racer kit for Yamaha XSR900

The bolt-on kit from Y’S Gear turns your Yamaha XSR900 into a cafe racer inspired by Yamaha’s 500cc Grand Prix race bikes


AS was predicted by myself on the launch of the Yamaha XSR900 last year, a great number of different GP inspired kits have landed on the market to turn the capable naked into a retro-inspired GP-style cafe racer!

The latest of these comes from Y’S Gear, as it unveils its snappily named ‘Authentic Sports Blood line exterior set’, which is ready to reserve on the Y’S Gear official website. The bolt-on kit comprises a new nose cone, fuel tank cover, sub-frame covers, fuel tank cover, rear seat cowl and front mudguard. 

The colours and decals used on the kit are inspired by the Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix racing machines of the 1970s, and the kit even perfectly replicates the retro tuning fork logo and font used on the brands historic machines.

The Y’S website claims the kit can be installed in between two and three hours, which for a set of plastics sounds about right, although it is nice to know that in not too much time you could be rolling out of your garage on a completely transformed machine.

The Y’S Gear ‘Authentic Sports Blood line exterior set’ is on the website now with an expected release date of June 2023. The kit is priced at 220,000 Yen, which is around £1,300, although no information about a European release or worldwide shipping is mentioned as yet.

More information including pricing and delivery of the kit can be found on the official website.

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